Travel After Lockdown

What will travelling after lockdown look like?


Recent news announced that starting from 8th June, those returning to the UK from international travels will have to enter a period of quarantine, or as we would say self-isolation. If you do travel, when you return to the UK you will have to provide details to Border Control to say where you will be self-isolating for the next 14 days. If you fail to do so, you face fines of up to £1000.


As we start thinking about our holidays, the question of how safe will it be to travel crosses many minds. We can expect to see a lot of communication from airlines, hoteliers and travel companies. 


The new measures allow for borders to reopen and will allow you to start to travel providing you follow the rules of the country to are flying to and the UK rules when you return. 


The world slowly starts to reopen to international travel.

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