Top 8 essentials for a long-haul flight

Half of travellers love the thought of a long-haul flight; the chance to binge-watch 5 films, eat snacks and lounge around in our ‘airport outfits’, however, the other half absolutely dread a flight longer than 4 hours being crammed in a metal container with 200 other people.

Well if you’re a lover or a hater, you still need to check out the top essentials for any long-haul flight. 

1. Comfy clothes

10 hours of sitting in the same position, let’s face it, it’s not comfy so why wear something that is only going to fuel this. Chuck on your comfiest pair of trousers, grab a hoody and a comfy top and rock the mismatched look. This will also help with the fact your body (mainly your feet) can start to swell, so you definitely don’t want anything that’s already tight against your ankles. 

2. Moisturiser

Flying is not good for the skin; it dries it out and no-one enjoys that. Grab a good hand moisturiser, as well as a good serum for your face (make sure they’re under 100ml) and pack them in your hand luggage. That way you can moisturise until your heart’s content and look fresh as a daisy as you hop off the plane. 

3. Compression socks

If you don’t own a pair already, you need to. These fashionable must-haves are great for those of us who suffer from feet swelling. They have a high amount of elastic in their composition, essentially administering pressure to your lower legs in order to support blood flow. It also helps to get up and move your legs every hour or so to promote blood flow. 

4. Eye mask

Hear us out on this one; bright airplane lights and 300 strangers are just some of the reasons you need an eye mask. You’ve had your meal, you’ve watched a film or 2 and your eyelids are getting heavy, chuck on your eye mask and block out the rest of the world (or plane). It will help to block out light and ease you to sleep better. 

Eye mask and neck pillow Travel essentials for a long flight

5. Toothbrush

Trust us on this, buy a travel toothbrush and toothpaste for your journey.  You need to stay fresh on long flights, and it will instantly make you feel a million times better and less ‘I’ve been on this plane for what seems like 3 years’. 

6. Headphones

You may get given some that plug into your seatback tv, but they’re not the greatest and also they may have been in a few ears before. Plus if you take your own, you can listen to your own music/films on your device (in airplane mode remember!) Just don’t forget to pack them back into your bag and not leave them in the seat-back pocket. 

7. Snacks

It’s always nice to have your favourite sweets or snack on hand, the crew will have a service to buy-on-board but it’s often quite expensive and they won’t stock everything so think ahead and save yourself some money for souvenirs! 

8. Neck pillow

Some say it’s a fashion faux par to wear this as you walk through the airport, and those people would be wrong. It means you have less to carry and you’re ready to snooze at any moment. But honestly, this will save your neck the ache of your head flopping every 5 minutes as you take your post-inflight-meal nap. 

Toothbrush Another must-have for your flight

Now you’re ready to tackle the flight, it’s time to get in touch with your Personal Travel Consultants and plan your next long-haul adventure.

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